Taxiio - On Demand Uber Clone Script

Launch your on-demand taxi business with our sturdy Uber Clone Application.
Taxiio - Uber clone script

Stay One Step Ahead With Taxiio

Taxiio - The Uber clone app allows growing startups and entrepreneurs to get started with their taxi business in the shortest period. Easily understandable layouts of the dashboard serve taxi business owners to manage all the operations like the payouts, drivers & riders information, dispatch call request, sub-admin management, and vehicle details in an effective way. Admin can see overall drivers and riders list, Completed trips, total earnings, and their graphs on the Dashboard.

Essential Features In Taxiio

  • Rider App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Panel

Social Media Sign Up

The Riders in the Taxi booking app can register their account via social media apps such as Facebook and Gmail. Consider these as one of the most valuable features and an easy-to-use application for registering an account without any difficulties.

OTP Verification

An OTP verification for the riders is mandatory to verify when the rider logs in by entering the mobile number on the registration page. The OTP process in the application is handled by Twilio.

Set Pickup & Drop Locations

The Riders can intimate drivers for picking up towards their locations by setting the pins on the map or by entering precise locations & where to pick up. Similarly, The Riders can also set up the destination & where to go with the advance search options.

Push Notification

The rider gets notified regarding Ride confirmations, Trip cancellations, and other notifications during the trip. For the driver, the notification alert can be displayed for requesting trips by the riders using Firebase technology.

Invite Friends/Referral

Friends and their families can be invited using a uniquely generated referral link. This increases the platform to attain more users and making a considerable amount of profit to the administrator.

In-App Chat Option

Riders have the option to chat instantly with the driver when the trip is accepted by the driver. The driver can also see the messages on the chat panel for replying to riders.

Call Masking

During the trip, Both can interact with each other without disclosing their personal information and private number. The call is only connected when both have seamless internet connections.

Live Geo Tracking

This application is integrated inbuilt with the map functionality. The riders can easily track the driver on the map when the driver comes towards to pick up the rider and also the rider can see the live updates on location until reaching their destination.

Schedule booking

This feature helps riders to book their rides any time at their convenience. The rider can have the option to book their future rides by selecting the desired vehicle and the chosen vehicle can be booked instantly.

Pool Trip

Multiple riders can travel or share their rides in a single trip to the same route by choosing the seats as they needed. Moreover, These feature helps for both driver and the site administrator can get the more money on a single trip itself.

Secure Payment Methods

We have implemented secured online payment methods like Paypal, Braintree, and Stripe. The riders can also have the option to save their cards and make payments through this option. The users can also make payments through wallet transfers and cash on hand after the trip is completed.


An Emergency contact button is integrated into the app to seek help on their unpleasant situations. In case of emergency, The riders can get immediate help by contacting their priorly added emergency contacts list with a single click. The site administrator receives an alert message with the rider's exact location.

Multiple languages and currencies

Riders can choose the desired language and the currency. By using this option, The rider can make a payment with their default currency, and also that the riders can choose their languages for better understanding to operate the application.

Ride cancellation

Both Riders and Drivers have the option to cancel their riders by choosing with valid cancellation reasons. A cancellation charge will be applied to the rider if in case the rider cancels the ride a few minutes before the driver is about to reach.

Ratings and Reviews

The user allows seeing the driver's reviews and ratings when they booked the trip and accepted by the driver. Both the driver and the rider have the option to share their valuable reviews with the star-based rating at the end of the trip.

Gender Based Preference

In the Taxiio application, An additional security measure is implemented concerning safety reasons for the female riders. They can prefer the female drivers for their rides when they selected the option "Prefer female drivers only" before going to book their rides.

Child Seat Preference

The user allows seeing the driver's reviews and ratings when they booked the trip and accepted by the driver. Both the driver and the rider have the option to share their valuable reviews with the star-based rating at the end of the trip.

Handicap seat accessibility

If the drivers have the taxi with the handicapped seat accessibility they can enable it from their profile and the driver gets the request who seeking the taxi with the handicapped seat accessibility.

Driver Document Verification

On Taxiio Driver application. All the drivers in the application should verify their dynamic documents added by the admin like Vehicle Insurance and Driver's License. This is mandatory for all drivers to Upload Vehicle Documents and licenses with an expiry date. The driver can only be allowed to go online when they got their documents approval from the admin.

Vehicle Management

Add multiple vehicles to their lists helps drivers to get high chances of getting requests from the riders. Moreover, The driver can set the primary and secondary vehicles in the vehicle management and can update or edit the vehicle types & other information of the vehicles later as per their comforts.

Pay to Admin - Owe Amount

The Driver needs to pay the amount to the admin when they collect money from the rider on cash payment and this can also be referred to as Owe amount. The pending amount to the admin can be viewed by the driver and make payment through the payment gateways options like Paypal, stripe, or brain tree, the driver can pay to the admin.

Heat Map

This feature eases all drivers to understand where all the customers are stands for taxi app on the map. The demand of the taxi drivers on a particular location has been designed on the map to get a better understanding.

Tips to Driver

At the end of the trip, The riders can add the tips to the driver as per their wish. This tip amount will not be calculated to the admin's commission amount and it is purely non-taxable.

Earnings Graph

All the earnings from the completed trips can be viewed by the driver in their application and the driver can see the earning amounts using the periodic filter options such as Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and in a days manner.

Payout Preferences

The admin needs to send the earning amount to the driver if any payment is directly received by the admin after completing the trip. By setting the driver's payout preferences using Paypal and Stripe on their own, the admin can easily transfer the driver's earnings to their added accounts.

Trip History

We have made favors for the drivers to see what trips have been completed previously. An overall summary of the previously completed trips implemented for future reference to the driver.

Google / Waze Map Navigation

The main feature in the application is that the integration of Google and Waze maps. This allows the driver to reach their destination on time without facing any difficulties. And also it serves to track the location or to choose a better route.

Advanced Dashboard

On the Taxiio admin panel, We have created attractive designs and layouts for the modules to see the detailed view in a single click. Admin allows viewing the profile of the Riders & Drivers, Admin's total earnings along with the graph. This tends to the admin to control and monitor the modules in an effective manner.

Sub-Admin Management

The super admin of the uber clone script can add multiple faithful admins underneath them. The sub-admin can have only accessible for certain modules which can be managed by the super admin. The super admin can also determine their roles such as Accounting & Billing and so on.

Dynamic Documents

The Vehicle and the driver document may vary depends upon the country. Here, Admin has the option to add the document types that exactly need from the driver, vehicle, and the company. Admin has to verify the uploaded documents of the company, driver's license, the vehicle makes, vehicle number, and insurance of the vehicle.

Dispatch Call Request

Manual booking is a valuable feature that helps riders to book the trip manually by calling the admin directly who does not have access to the internet. The admin can now accept the trips through a call by getting the trip details such as destination and number of passengers and allocating the driver to the location of the rider.

Currency Exchange Rates

The fare will be calculated automatically based on the up-to-date currency exchange rates. Based on the location and currency acceptance of the region admin has the ability to set the desired currency in the admin panel.

Trip Info

All the recent trip details such as Requested trips and the completed trips can manage by the admin on the request and trips management. The trip info gives a detailed information of the completed trips and also for the canceled trip with the reasons.

Manage Statements

The statements that cover both overall and driver statements. Admin can see the detailed statement of Total earnings, Trips completed, Cancelled trips on the overall statements along with the periodic filter such as Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and also can filter with the custom dates. Similarly, the reports can be generated for each driver separately.

Database Auto backup

An additional feature that we implemented for security reasons. The database for an auto backup is mainly introduced if someone meeting any critical issues such as database crashes.

MySQL index

An adorable feature that increases the search speed engine which brings back the data as much as fast they can. To get faster results the MySQL indexing component structure has been implemented in our application.

Manage Surge Pricing

Admin can earn more money by setting the price for peak hours separately rather than the normal days such as Sunday evening, Festival times, and other peak hours. The admin can manage the timing which has to be maintained on the fare management.

Heat Map

Admin can observe where the riders have been waiting for the driver. This can help admin for allocating drivers to the locations where the drivers get high demand.

Manage Payout

Admin can manage payout for both the company and the driver. The admin has the option to settle down the payments for the driver and the company to their respective payment bank details for each day that have been added on their own.

Manage Owe Amount

The Admin has the option to mark the payment that has been done by the driver or company as paid if they paid their owe amount. The remaining owe amount that needs to pay by the driver or company can also be maintained in this section.

Send Email/Push/SMS

A bulk and individual message can be sent from the admin panel through the following options as Email, Push notifications, and SMS.

What We Provide

Taxiio Rider Android

Rider Android

Book your rides through the Android application in a quick way.

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Taxiio Driver Playstore

Driver Android

Get your trip requests from the Android application instantly.

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Taxiio Rider IOS

Rider IOS

A dedicated android app for riders to book the rides smarter

Taxiio Driver IOS

Driver IOS

A dedicated android app for riders to book the rides smarter

Taxiio Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Manage all the trips, and earned profits can be viewed from the admin's eagle eye.

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Taxiio Company Panel

Company Panel

The realistic dashboard to monitor the driver accounts and trips from the company panel.

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Taxiio Pricing Plan

Startup Plan


  • Web landing page
  • Company panel
  • Super admin panel
  • Native android app for rider
  • Native android app for driver
  • 100% Source code for Web & Android
  • Lifetime free upgrade patch files
  • 3 Months technical support
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Startup Plus Plan


  • Web landing page
  • Company panel
  • Super admin panel
  • Native ios app for rider
  • Native ios app for driver
  • 100% Source code for Web & IOS
  • Lifetime free upgrade patch files
  • 3 Months technical support
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Free Addons

Fleet Management
Dispatch Request Call Management
Arabic Language - RTL
Gender Based Preference
Child & Handicap Seat accessibility
Multiple Currency

Technologies We Are Using

Html -Web developement
Css -Web developement
Bootstrap -Web developement
Sass -Web developement
Javascript -Web developement
Php -Web developement
Laravel -Web developement
Mysql -Web developement
Kotlin App developement
Swift App developement
Firebase App developement
Json App developement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operating System – Server OS Must be Linux (CentOS 7 or Ubuntu Below 18)
    Web Server – Apache
    Database – MySQL
    PHP – 7.3

  • We basically have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is not compromised with. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team makes sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the app that is going to be build.

  • Our Taxiio has multiple revenue generating models, however the most pivotal source of revenue for our Uber clone is the commission model. As like Uber, the admin can charge the service fee from the riders and drivers.

  • Taxiio is a base platform that is 100% customizable to build any type of Sharing Economy Platform. However it is not possible for us to provide the technical support once the source code files are tampered. (After the modification of the source code from your side).

  • There is no encrypted file in the copy of your Taxiio. It gives you full freedom to customize it for your needs.

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