How to Construct a Taxi Booking App like Uber

How to Construct a Taxi Booking App like Uber?

The spread of Uber concerns the local taxi booking owners in the world. The traditional operation model of Uber seriously affects many small taxi business owners. Numerous of them were not able to embrace the facts & some of them decided to start a business like Uber.

To those who want to start a business like Uber, there are two possible ways.

How to Choose the Ideal Clone Scripts?

The essential thing you need to know about the Uber clone app is that it is a mixture of two different apps managed by the admin panel. Picking the immaculate clone script from a throng of clone script providers is a big challenge. There are an uncountable number of uber clone script providers in the market. The components to be noted in a product are as follows:

Fundamental Features in Rider App

The segments of riders and drivers are different. Following are the segments to be noted for rider app is

  • Simple register/login option
  • User-friendly booking process
  • Fare estimation
  • Ride rating and reviews
  • Instant alerts
  • Seamless payment
  • Push notification
  • Trip history

Fundamental Features in Driver App

Some of the attributes of drivers and riders are the same. Such as simple register/login, instant alert, and seamless payment. The feature of the driver app is as follows.

  • Driver profile and status
  • Vehicle & driver document verification
  • Vehicle management
  • Fare breakdown
  • Reports & earnings
  • Payout options
Noted technologies in the Uber clone script is as follows

Geolocation Servicess

Uber uses GPS service to pinpoint the current position of users and the exact location of drivers. The fare is also estimated based on the length between the arrival and departure locations of the riders.

Payment Integration

Uber has various unassailable payment modes such as cash on delivery, wallet payment, credit card payment, and UPI. It is also the documented feature in the Uber clone script


It is valid to say that firms like Uber and Lyft have seized the taxi booking market, but there is still enough room and space for fresh entrants. By identifying a place and concentrating on the unique value proposition, they can create a profitable strategy.

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